Google Cloud unveils new Chronicle MSSP Program

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Google Cloud has announced a new Chronicle MSSP Program to help Managed Security Service Providers drive customer satisfaction and deliver advanced security capabilities.

Announcing the move in a blog post, Google said the initiative will offer MSSPs the ability to provide “scalable, differentiated, and effective” detection and response capabilities via its cloud-native Chronicle SIEM offering.

“In a highly competitive environment where customers have little to differentiate between various MSSP providers, we are helping to turbocharge our MSSP partners with specialised services offerings, enabling branded portals and advanced threat detection, investigation, and response capabilities,” explained Sharat Ganesh, Head of Product Marketing at Google Chronicle.

With the Chronicle MSSP Program, partners will receive more go-to-market tools and support, as well greater controls over margins thanks to its modern licensing model.

Partners can add their solutions to Chronicle to help make it “unique in the market” and easier to sell, Google says, thanks to branded reporting, unique solutions, as well as advanced threat intelligence.

As the tech giant looks to stand out in a field that now includes programs from competitors AWS and Microsoft, it also highlighted Chronicle’s key technical differentiators.


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These include API-driven multi-tenancy to streamline and automate customer management workflows, as well as its ability to “ingest data from any cloud” – even voluminous datasets such as EDR, NDR, and Cloud. Chronicle’s context-aware detections also help to prioritise threats and quickly respond to alerts.

“Simply put, Google Chronicle will help reduce the MTTR (mean time to respond) for our partners by helping to minimise the need to wait for contextual understanding before making a decision and taking an investigatory action, which can lead to greater customer and cost benefits,” Ganesh added.

Robert Herjavec, CEO of Herjavec Group and Fishtech Group, said the company was looking forward to helping its customers through the new MSSP program.

"We are proud to partner with Google Cloud Security to solve functional challenges that exist in security for our customers,” he commented. “As a major partner and a distributor/MSSP, we are excited to leverage this new program, helping our customers and delivering security outcomes"

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