TelcoDR partners with CloudFix to help telcos unlock AWS savings

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TelcoDR has announced a new partnership with SaaS-based AWS cost optimization solution provider CloudFix in a move designed to help telcos drive down their AWS costs.

Led by renowned public cloud evangelist Danielle Royston, TelcoDR aims to help telecommunications providers transition to the public cloud. 

With its new partnership, the firm said businesses that purchase CloudFix via TelcoDR will now have access to exclusive pricing offers.

TelcoDR CEO Danielle Royston said the move will help telco companies maximize their savings and “unlock the full potential of the public cloud."

"CloudFix's laser focus on telco's largest area of spend, compute, generates monumental savings for our customers,” she said. “By liberating wasted spend, telcos can redirect these savings towards exciting new frontiers in the public cloud, such as our cutting-edge telco SaaS products under the Totogi brand."

Used by cloud operations teams around the world, CloudFix integrates with AWS environments to help for telcos, especially those with AWS expenditure exceeding $20 million, to achieve ‘significant’ savings.

Using automation-driven capabilities, CloudFix says it helps save 15% on AWS costs on average for each customer. 


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One of its recent customers, with an annual AWS spend of $150 million, is currently on track to save more than $65 million over three years, the firm said.

The automations offered by the software, which continuously scans an AWS environment, are focused on identifying areas where customers are unnecessarily spending. It said these are areas with which engineering teams are unable to keep monitoring at scale. 

The offering uses AWS-native tools with least-privilege access to automatically fix issues such as outdated or default configurations that may be driving up customers’ bills. 

It includes safe fixes such as moving from GP2 to GP3 or turning on S3 Intelligent Tiering to optimize storage costs.

"We are delighted to collaborate with TelcoDR to help telcos realize significant savings on their current AWS spend so they can reinvest in new AWS innovations,” said Rahul Subramaniam, CEO and founder of CloudFix.

“With TelcoDR's unparalleled understanding of telecom companies' needs, and CloudFix’s unmatched ability to find and instantly bank AWS-approved savings, we 

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