Highgate IT Solutions to implement four-day working week

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UK based IT value added reseller Highgate IT Solutions has revealed plans to trial a four-day working week starting next month.

Starting 1 April, the trial will take place for the duration of the next business quarter and will adopt the 100:80:100 model - which means the firm is committing to 100% pay for 80% of time, in return for 100% productivity.

The IT VAR is believed to be the first in the UK channel to make the switch to a four-day working week, ahead of an official UK pilot in June.

Highgate sales director Bob Sahota said the decision was influenced by the new perspectives gained over the last two years, emphasising both employee wellbeing and value of time.

“For me, Highgate is more than a business or brand. It is our ever-evolving vision of what a harmonious work/life balance should look like, one without stress, pressure or anxiety,” he explained.

“One that enables people to become the best version of themselves, inside and outside of work. By moving to a 4-day week, we are giving everyone back the most valuable thing in life, time.”

Organisations that have already switched to a four-day working week have reported increases in performance and profit, Highgate said, as well as an increased attraction to potential employees and higher staff retention rates.

Despite these potential commercial benefits of the change, Sahota said they were not the key motivating factor for the trial.


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“Employee wellbeing and their mental health is the keystone of our business and I strongly believe that a four-day week that consists of 28 hours will improve all of our lives,” he continued.

Sahota clarified that service to customers “will not be impacted”, as the four-day working week has been “designed with them in mind too”.

“Days off will be staggered across the teams, meaning Highgate remains operational five days a week,” he said. “It is very important to us that we continue to deliver the high level of service to our customers that they are used to.”

The move follows Highgate’s February announcement that it had been certified Carbon Neutral Plus. Alliances Manager & Sustainability Lead, Jenny Latimer said the 4-day week would also further boost its efforts.

“Moving to a 4-day working week will help reduce our carbon emissions as a result of decreased energy use,” she said. “Additionally, the time our teams get back allows them the chance to make environmentally positive changes, such as walking instead of driving.”

Charlotte Lockhart, Founder of The 4 Day Week Global, praised Highgate for making the switch.

“The leadership at Highgate have recognised that this is the way forward and we congratulate them and wish them all the best for their trial,” she commented.

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