Telefónica Tech and F5 unveil new service to protect enterprise applications

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Telefónica and F5 have expanded their partnership to launch a new SaaS-based service designed to improve the security and speed of app deployment in multi-cloud environments. 

Deployed on F5’s Distributed Cloud platform, the new Web Application Defense (WAD) managed service enables Telefónica Tech’s enterprise customers to detect threats and vulnerabilities in real time by combining telemetry collection with programmable rules, advanced AI, and machine learning.

Managed from a single dashboard, the offering has been designed to protect enterprise applications whether they are deployed on-premises, across multiple clouds, or at the edge.

Juan Campillo, Telefónica Tech’s director of cyber security product marketing, said the company’s partnership with F5 enables the company to launch a “state-of-the-art managed services solution” that can detect and block the attempted exploitation of application vulnerabilities.

“In particular, the deployment of WAD on F5's Distributed Cloud Platform will add speed to a critical security layer, while providing flexibility for our enterprise customers to deploy, secure and operate applications in a multi-cloud environment wherever needed: In the data center, across hybrid deployments, or across multiple clouds,” he said.


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“In addition, the managed services approach is a significant boost for organizations that lack the resources and expertise to address today's cyber security challenges."

Specializing in digital transformation, Telefónica Tech provides a host of services and integrated solutions across cyber security, cloud, IoT, big data, and blockchain. 

The company claims it has the capacity to reach 5.5 million customers across 175 countries through its presence in Spain, the UK, northern Europe, USA, Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Chile, and Mexico.

The firm’s new WAD managed service is supported by its security operations center (SOC) team, which will provide round-the-clock support and cloud environment monitoring for enterprise customers.

Available for organizations in Spain for a monthly fee, the offering currently includes F5’s Web Application Firewall (WAF), bot defense, API security, and distributed denial of service (DDoS) mitigation capabilities.

“We are delighted to announce the launch of the WAD managed service with Telefónica Tech,” commented Mariana Agache, VP for SP Managed Services at F5. “Our partnership goes far beyond just providing a technology platform, and we will continue to support Telefónica with enablement and go-to-market efforts both in EMEA and beyond. 

“As ever, our mutual goal is to ensure continual innovation and safe, world-class services for customers.”  

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